The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles #2) by John Flanagan

Summary: The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles #2) takes place right after the events of the previous book. The outsiders, a band of boys whom were looked down from the rest of the society , have beaten the strongest and most skilled young warriors in Skandia and won the Brother Band competition despite all odds. They also won the honor of guarding the most prized artifact in Scandia, the Andomal, which is a large amber core. But it was stolen, and the Outsiders are to blame. The winners of the Brother Band Competition are downgraded to a lower state than they were before and looked down upon by the rest of the Skandian. However in order to find redemption, they must risk the life to brave the story seas, fight against well skilled pirates, survive the bitter cold winter in sea in order to recover the most prized possession.

Why I picked it up: I picked it up because my brother suggested that it was a good book and that it was a rainy day and I was bored so I decided to pick it up. I normally wouldn’t be interested in it since it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I was wrong.

Why I kept reading it: Frankly, I kept reading it because I was bored at first, but then I was soon drawn into the book. The book is not as fast paced as most, but it draws in the reader and holds onto them to the point where you can’t set it down.

Who would I give it to next: I would give this book to my friends or anyone who has read the ranger’s apprentice prior to this one. It’s a companion novel to the series, but it’s different in it’s own sense.

Student Name: Alexa W.