The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Book Ten of the Ranger’s Apprentice Series) by John Flanagan

Summary:  This book talks about the adventures and relationships of a land similar to medieval Europe. The realistic characters, humor and action carry throughout the story. The knight Horace, and mysterious rangers Will and Halt fend off an army of elite soldiers with a tribe of mere villagers with the help of Princess Evanlyn and Courier Alyss in a story of wit and cunning.

Why I picked it up: It had been a bestseller and all my friends had read it.

Why I kept reading it:  It was full of mini-cliffhangers, witty dialogue and fast-paced action. It had everything someone could look for in a book.

Who I would give it to next:  My friends, but anyone in general. Especially people who enjoy fantasy or funny books.

Reviewed by Rishi D.