The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is a fantasy about a creature known as a hobbit, with the name Bilbo Baggins. He is not of the adventurous sort, but when thirteen dwarves and a wizard knock on his door in need of a “burglar”, Bilbo, after much convincing, agrees to go on a quest with them, a quest to regain the dwarves’ lost home, The Kingdom Under the Mountain, which is guarded by the great Dragon Smaug. Surprises and twists lie ahead of Bilbo and his friends as they try to defeat the clever dragon under the mountain.

Every time I opened this book, I was met with a certain indescribable peace. It is as if I myself am in the Shire right now, writing a book review about The Hobbit. This story contains several twists and turns, and I never knew what to expect next. From the ways of Gandalf to the terrors of SmauHobbit-Anniversary-Collection (1)g, Tolkien cleverly incorporates each and every aspect into a web with a our lovely hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, at the center. Being a prelude to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit shows us certain aspects the series will hold, but it gives nothing away, which excites readers such as myself. In pursuit of the plot that Tolkien has compiled in this sequel series to The Hobbit, I have begun to read the Lord of The Rings, and it does not disappoint. This book is for those who fall in love with good writing and also for those who like change, as well as a sense of adventure, I must say so myself. Tolkien has done a splendid job at writing a tale worth telling by writing this book.

-Deep Sethi

enthusiasm by polly shulman

Summary: The book Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman shows the true life of enthusiasm as well as its meaning. The novel depicts the life of two teenage girls; Julie Lefkowitz and Ashleigh who are indeed very close friends, but do not have much in common. Julie is calm and keeps to herself while Ashleigh is an absurd enthusiast who has extreme enthusiasm over all sorts of things, from movies, to novels and all the way to history.

enthusiasmpaperbackBut now, Ashleigh is obsessed with the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Ashleigh is so obsessed with the characters that she wants to make the story come true, all she ever talks about is Pride and Prejudice, as well as classical English. She seems to believe that she is part of the story, walking around in classic cloth, gowns and armors that are made from the most diverse materials. These two girls have known each other since elementary, and Ashleigh has embarrassed Julie multiple times. But now that they are in high school and coincidentally they both go through the affection and dreams of Pride and Prejudice, they are both obsessed with the novel and want to meet their very own Darcy and Mr. Bingely from the novel. Both girls sneak into a prep boys school dance with the help of a friendand unfortunately both develop feelings for the same Mr. Darcy or Mr. Bingely named Charlie at the dance. What will the girls do being obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, a novel that lives in teenage girls even in modern times, but instead of two girls and two guys this time there’s two girls and only one guy?

Why I picked it up: I picked this book up because this book seemed very famous and the novel itself seemed illustrative and visual. It was a very romantic and crafty as well as an intelligent novel with a lot of connections to literature in it. The writing and depiction of feelings seemed enthusiastic and the title Enthusiasm itself had a broad meaning, which made me want to find out what the book was about.

Why I kept reading it: I kept reading this book because it was very exciting and interesting, there were a lot of dilemmas and comedy along with tragedy and the idea was clever. I enjoyed how the book was connecting the old novel of Pride and Prejudice to our modern world and showing how much it can possibly affect teenagers.

Who would I give it to next: I would give this book to anyone seeking a humorous and entertaining novel, which at the same time provides the reader with new and creative ideas as well as ways to connect literature with teenagers.

Reviewed by Ahmed E.