Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

A young girl Bella moved to the city of Forks to live with her father while her mother traveled around the country. She is intrigued by one of her new classmates Edward. Though Edward does not want Bella to be part of his life. Bella insists that when two people love each other they should be together. Their love takes them through a long sequence of events that continue through the next book New Moon . When reading this book I found myself, surprised, and constantly on edge about what was going to happen next. I wanted to know how their love was going to unravel. And what would become of their love. In my opinion, I absolutely loved this book. I have never really like to read, but I do not know what this book had, that made me want to read more often. They say not to judge a book by the cover. Unfortunately that is what found myself doing. I was randomly taking out books from the shelves and when I pulled Twilight out. I was very intrigued by the cover. The apple, I wanted to know what the apple meant. Even though many would say not to judge a book by the cover. I am glad I did, because it is a spectacular book. I kept reading this book, beause it constantly had me on edge, waiting to see what was going to happen next. All the events that happened before the climax were very good because when the book made it to the climax. It was amazing in every way. Next, I would probably recommend this book to my friends. They generally have the same taste as I do in books and I am sure they would love. Although for anyone who likes books that are fantasy novels with a bit of romance, I am sure they would enjoy this book.

Trailer by Analila E.


Skim By Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

skimSkim by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, brings forth the melancholic, confusing, tragic, and emotional life of a perfectly woven imperfect character nicknamed Skim. Skim has to deal with jerky popular school girls, a crashing and burning relationship with a friend, depression, the death of a classmate, and the question of her sexuality. Is there a silver lining to all of this? Falling in love, learning something new, and finding something that was always there.

Skim= a bit of an Aquarius.

Skim= I would shove this book into the hands of anyone going through the stuff she was going through and any who are adventurous.

Skim=I picked it up because of the unique art style.

Skim=it became my favorite graphic novel when I kept reading it.

Skim= a must read coming of age graphic novel.

Reviewed by= Jalen x. Greene

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

TwilightbookThe novel starts off with a young teenage girl named Bella, who leaves her sun filled home in Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington . Forks was the usual small, city, where everyone new everyone, but its strange cold weather was no help for Bella to feel welcomed to her new home. Yet, her new high school was filled with students who quickly fell in love with her and hoped to be her friend. But, there was one person who stayed away from her, who stunned her with his beauty, and made her feel nervous every time he glanced at her. Edward Cullen was an absolutely gorgeous and handsome vampire, who stayed away from Bella to avoid her death. However, he could not reside away from her and soon and their once small conversation in a biology class leads to an epic love story. The novel, Twilight has truly been an amazing piece of work to read and it is now one of my favorite books. The author uses wonderful detail and vivid imagery that grips the reader till the end. The novel contains a remarkable plot and the story is very intriguing and well-written. This book is truly indescribable and it is one novel that holds all the components of a great story. Stephanie Meyers, has done an extremely wonderful job in creating this book and has written an enchanting novel that has a insightful understanding of love, relationship, and life in general. Reviewed By: Vaishali S.