Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

The book follows the story of two best friends who have been together since the age of three. The took dance classes together and were inseparable. They were always together, they shared each others secrets, and spent every minute they could together. And when one of them encounters a difficulty the other is always there by her side sharing every moment with her, and support her, like her sister.  Throughout the entire book I was having so many ups and downs. It was like an emotional rollercoaster. Overall the book was very well written and a beautiful story about two best friends who found a way to overcome obstacles in their relationship together. I picked this book because it was about best friends, and Ihaveabestfriend who I am extremely close with, and I was intrigued by the back, how it said something devastating happened between them and how it would changed them forever. So I wanted to read I wanted to know what happened and how they had gotten through it. I kept reading it because once I picked it up, I was obsessed. It did not take long for the book to get to the conflict which I definitely enjoyed. I would give it to my best friend because I thought about her the entire time I read the book. It remind me of some of the problems  I have had with her, and how after everything we have always managed to get through it together.


Reviewed by Analilia Estrada





The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The book “The Fault in our Stars”, is about a girl named Hazel  who is 16 years old, who has thyroid cancer spread through her lungs. She is trying to live a normal life but sometimes wonders what her parents would do once she is dead. Hazel is a part of a cancer survivor support  program where she met Augustus, who she likes.Augustushadcancer,and as a result, he lost a leg and now wears a prosthetic. He also smokes. Overtime Hazel and Augustus become good friends and have a relationship. They share their interests with each other, including the books they like. Hazel’s favorite book is An Imperial Affliction. They enjoy reading the book. They went to Amsterdam to meet the author (Peter Van Houten) to get more info on the book. They get what they want then go home. Later the plot starts to have a twist. Surprising things start to happen. Bad things start happening in the novel. Hazel’s parents start to worry about Hazel and Augustus. But what are these bad events to happen? Will Hazel and Augustusbefine at the end? To find out, read the book. I was very surprised by the ending of the novel. There is a big twist. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. The plot was very creative and well written.  I liked the idea of cancer in the plot.  I picked up the book because I was interested in humans having a problem. I thought cancer would be the best topic for me. I kept reading it because it’s a really good book. It grabbed my attention by having cancer in the story. The plot is well written. It’s style fits perfectly with the plot.

I would give it to my friend Jonathan S. San Miguel because he is very interested in this novel. He has seen the movie. I know he will enjoy the book. For the rest of the book they return home and stay there. Later Augustus’s cancer returns and he get’s sick. There is probably not much time left for him. Hazell wants to be with Augustus even though his cancer his strong. Eventually, his cancer kills him. Hazel shows lots of grief. She attends his funeral. Hazel was surprised to see Peter Van Housten. He told her that he wrote the book because his daughter died of cancer. She understands why he wrote An Imperial Affliction.  She found out that before he died, Augustus was writing an alternate ending for the book she was reading.  At the end she learns her mother is trying to be a leader at the cancer survivor support program so she has a life after Hazel dies.

Reviewed by Saurabhjit Singh