Kitty Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Summary:  Jaz has to move from LA to Venice right before her senior years starts because her dad wanted to do research on soap. Jaz thinks that they had to leave LA because she was getting in to too much trouble so she avoids trouble as much as possible. She acts like a model daughter and goes to Italian class because her dad wanted her to learn Italian while she was there. In her class, she became friends with a girl named Arabella who was constantly worried that she was going to get killed by whoever is following her. Jaz does not want to get involved because it sounds like trouble, but one day Arabella is found dead. The police thinks she committed suicide because people saw her jumping into the lake but Jaz knows she didn’t so sneaks around to solve the mystery.

Why I picked it up:  When I was in middle school, my friend recommended the book, Bad Kitty, which is the first book of this series and I really liked it. A few months ago I went to the library and found out that there was a second book so I decided to read it.

Why I kept reading it:  I kept reading this book because it was crazy and funny. Also since it is a
mystery, I didn’t want to stop reading until I knew who killed Arabella.

Who would I give it to next:  I would give this book to anyone who likes humorous mystery stories. Even people who do not really like mystery will probably enjoy this.

Reviewed by Amy H.