Monster Hunter International by Larry Corriea

Summary: Owen Pitt becomes a Monster Hunter, who slays magical vampires and wights “zombies” to save Earth from destruction. Owen works together with humans, orcs, and a werewolf. He and the rest of MHI have to destroy the “Old Ones”, evil gods who want to destroy time and now this unlikely team works together against the FBI’s rule to save the world or lose it.

Why I picked it up: Because my seventh grade P.E Teacher recommended it to me

Why I kept reading it: Because it put a new spin on vampires and werewolves none of that boring Twilight stuff.

Who I would give it to next: Most likely any of my friends or even teachers that like Science Fiction or vampires, because the book is really good and it has some bits of humor strung through it.

Reviewed by: Brooke M.



Summary: Finn and Aiden have made it out if Mag Mell alive. But the Dark Man’s forces have followed them to Chicago and are beckoning tea to return.

Why I picked it up: Cover is interesting. Caught my vision

Why I kept reading it: it’s a wonderful book!!!!

Who I would give it to next: All my best friends:>

Reviewed by: Jingyu P.