Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

Summary: Rigg is a boy with the power to “see” into the past. He lives on another planet with primitive technology. However, Ripp often hears rumors about a “Wall” which keeps people from leaving the section of the planet where they live. Since Rigg received very detailed education on science, he discovers that someone with far superior technology had constructed the Wall. Due to his magical ability, Rigg discovers many mysteries which eventually causes him to leave his small village and travel to a big city where he hoped to find someone mentioned in a mysterious note. His journey leads him to realize that his father had taught him many things that only a well-educated person could know. Rigg begins to suspect that his father wasn’t just a simple fur trapper. On the journey, he realizes that his traveling companion, Umbo, has the power to make time slow down. Together, they uncover many secrets about their world and the unseen forces that manipulate it.

Why I picked it up: I really liked some of the other books this author had wrote.

Why I kept reading it: It is fast-paced and entertaining.

Who would I give it to next: Anyone who enjoys a good science fiction book would probably like this. This is not a good book for people who really like happy endings to stories though.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Student Name: Irene F.