Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I picked this book up because I had read The DaVinci Code and I had enjoyed it immensely. Then, I found out that there was a prequel. I figured that if it was anything like The DaVinci Code, I would enjoy it as well. I was going to read it for fun, but once I heard about the book trailer project, I decided that it would be more interesting if I tried to make a visual representation of what I thought of this book.

I kept reading this book because it keeps you interested. You cannot put the book down, you just have this need to find out what happens next. Although some parts of this book are really gory and have way too much detail, I live for suspense and thriller novels, so it wasn’t too bad for me to handle. I especially enjoyed the way Dan Brown connected every single plotline to the main plotline at the end of the book and suddenly, everything made sense.

I would recommend this book to any suspense/thriller fans, Illuminati conspiracy theory enthusiasts, and symbologists. You should read this book even if you don’t fall into any of the categories mentioned. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure that many others will too.