Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Percy-Jackson-The-Lightning-Thief-Original-CoverThe Lightning Thief, the first book of the Percy Jackson series, is written by Rick Riordan. He has also written two other series, one about Egyptian mythology and the other about Greek as well as Roman mythology.  The Lightning Thief is a fantasy fiction, revolving around Greek Mythology. Riordan uses the three powerful Greek gods: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades as well as the Titan Kronos to play major roles in this novel. This fictional book is based on a dyslexic 6th grade boy, finding out that he is a half-blood, meaning his father is a god, however his mother is a human mortal. This boy, named Percy Jackson, finds out that he is not a normal human. He is taken to a camp to be trained to face evils that he will face in the future. As the title states the Lightning Thief, this book is about a thief who stole the Lightning Bolt, a symbol of power, from the Greek god, Zeus, in order to ignite a significant war against the powerful gods. The ending of this novel, is left at a cliff-hanger as the thief is known only to Percy. The overall theme of this book is associated with the motif of identity. Riordan suggests that the theme of the novel is: identity should be recognized as life progresses, rather than at rough times of life. This fictional book talks about a young boy and his ambiguity of his reality. This novel is really interesting as a boy in middle school finds his real parents and sets out on adventurous journey to help a god. This is an action packed book which ensures that the reader doesn’t get bored at any point of the plot. The only question that this book would raise in a reader, is, “What happens next?” By ending the plot with a cliff-hanger, Riordan compels the reader to continue reading the next book in the series. In my opinion, this book lacks nothing. It is both relatable as well as action-filled. By visualizing the plot of the novel, I personally find it amusing to read this book. I love this book, because it is fascinating to portray in my mind. As the plot deepens, so does my attention to detail as I visualize the images of the plot in my mind. The book talks about the strength that each god posses, and their power granted to their children. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in action-filled novels.


 I picked up this fictional book, because it had a displayed a contrasting and interesting juxtaposition of an innocent boy in a dangerous world. The novel implied a relatable yet an engaging tone as suggested by the adventurous almost dangerous cover. I selected this novel, because of both the peculiar and the conceptual title, The Lightning Thief. Finally, I chose this novel, due to the vast majority of my friends and peers recommending it. I was genuinely drawn into the novel because it was fascinating to me. Not only was it easy to comprehend, but also this book was extremely relatable to me and displayed to me that even though school and life gets rough, just seek comfort by surrounding yourself with people that give you positive influence in your life. This book was also exceptionally easy to visualize the scenes in my mind, which in turn made it better for me to effortlessly understand the entire plot. I would give this fictional book to anyone interested in reading action and adventurous books. People who are interested in fantasy fiction and greek mythology would love reading this book. This text could be given to anyone as it is easy visualize the plot.

Reviewed by Sam Choppala

Blood Of Olympus by Rick Riordan



The Argo II have made progress on many quests but they are no where near defeating the earth mother, Gaia. Her giants have all risen and they are stronger than ever. The demigods must face Gaia before the Feast of Spes, where she plans to have two demigods sacrificed to Athens. Gaia needs their blood to awake. The Roman legion from Camp Jupiter,led by Octavian, is ready to strike Camp Half Blood. The gods are still suffering from multiple personality disorder, so they are useless. It up to the young demigods to stop Gaia from rising. If Gaia rises, then its game over.

This book is full of adventure and near death experiences by many of the crew members. The Blood of Olympus keeps you on the edge of the seats, and there are also moments where things are sad.

I think the Blood of Olympus is a really good book and a great finish to the series. I really loved of Rick added Reyna’s and Nico’s points of view because we get to know more about them. However, I would have loved if Rick added more Percy and Annabeth’s point of view. I also think the ending could have been better.

My friend in 6th grade recommended me the Percy Jackson and I was hooked from that moment on. I loved how Rick mixed modern day time and Mythology.

I kept reading it because the book was crazy and funny. The book is adventure so you want to know where they are going and who dies.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes mythology and loves adventure books. This book series is seriously amazing, but I recommend you to read Percy Jackson and Olympians series first before reading The Heroes of Olympus. Because some things the chracters say in the Heroes of Olympus you might not understand.



Reviewed by Swetha




Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I picked this book up because I had read The DaVinci Code and I had enjoyed it immensely. Then, I found out that there was a prequel. I figured that if it was anything like The DaVinci Code, I would enjoy it as well. I was going to read it for fun, but once I heard about the book trailer project, I decided that it would be more interesting if I tried to make a visual representation of what I thought of this book.

I kept reading this book because it keeps you interested. You cannot put the book down, you just have this need to find out what happens next. Although some parts of this book are really gory and have way too much detail, I live for suspense and thriller novels, so it wasn’t too bad for me to handle. I especially enjoyed the way Dan Brown connected every single plotline to the main plotline at the end of the book and suddenly, everything made sense.

I would recommend this book to any suspense/thriller fans, Illuminati conspiracy theory enthusiasts, and symbologists. You should read this book even if you don’t fall into any of the categories mentioned. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure that many others will too.