Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Summary: Kit Corrigan runs away from her small-town life and seeks refuge in New York City. Her dream is to be a Broadway star, but trying to get a job in New York is harder than she thinks. An unexpected offer comes from her ex-boyfriend’s dad, a powerful lawyer. All she has to do is keep him updated about her moody ex-boyfriend who enlisted in the army. Soon Kit becomes a Lido-Doll with a an expensive apartment. But is it worth it? Are there too many “string’s attached”?

Why I picked it up: I liked the tone and style of writing that Blundell uses as well as what the characters seemed like. I was curious to know more about them and how they would impact the course of the book. Also it was an easy read, and with a lot of schoolwork I wanted a book I could finish fast and relax with.

Why I kept reading it: Despite being a teen book, Strings Attached has many complex relationships. I started out expecting a cheesy-teen book that, I could read rather than mind-blowing books like Neil Gaiman’s. I was pleasantly surprised that the characters had flaws and there there was more of a back-story than I expected. Also, one of the most captivating parts of the book is Blundell’s use of time which goes back and forth and gives insight into her characters.

Who I would give it to next: Someone who likes teen books or fast reads, but wants a little more complexity in relationships.

Reviewed by Juanita D.