Going Bovine By Libba Bray


The book, Going Bovine by Libba Bray, orbits around the illusions of 16 year old Cameron Smith as he is slowly taken over by Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human equivalent to mad cow’s disease. His story begins after he accepts a quest offered by Dulcie, a literal pink “punk rock” angel, to engage in an exorbitant adventure find Dr. X, the time traveling physicist who triggered the end of the universe via his excessive trips across dimensions through the means of wormholes. Along with Gonzo, his neurotic hospital roommate affected with dwarfism, the sudden appearances of Dulcie, and random signs of guidance, Cameron goes on a utopian road trip to Disney World, the location of Dr. X’s secret laboratory. En route, they meet Balder, a Norse god cursed to appear in the form of a lawn gnome, escape the ever appearing theoretical fire dragons commanded by the Wizard of Reckoning, encounter a mysterious cult, meet the acquaintance of several physicists and fight against a notorious snow globe corporation. At their final destination, Cameron realizes his true identity and twist that shakes the reader’s entire perspective of the book is revealed. The book offers valuable insight to the true meaning of life and leaves the reader wondering even af6512140ter the last page, regardless of the number of times, has been turned.


The novel brings up unpopular yet eye-opening perspectives on modern education, religious cults, as well as American materialism, and includes several references to wormholes and string theory. Its overall bold quirkiness and unpredictable storyline also added to the book’s appeal. The unexpected twists and turns of the plot made the book more intriguing and harder to put down. Although the book supports several disliked opinions and contains varying degrees of profanity, it offers stimulating views on various topics trending in modern culture. The book invites the reader to be more curious as to how a character ends up. I would recommend this book to readers interested in profound, vivid and yet cryptic dark comic tragedy.


Reviewed by Sritharini R.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman



 The book If I Stay by Gayle Forman is about a young girl named Mia who wakes up to an unexpected joyful snow day, making her and the rest of her family now have some available free time. They all together decide to take a small trip to visit some family friends at their home. They could have visited, then go to a bookstore to roam all of its inviting ailes, and then have dinner with the grandparents, but everything changes within seconds. There is a sudden car accident, completely totaling the car. Mia gets up only to shattered pieces of the car everywhere,both her now deceased parents, and her younger brother lying on the ground. She finds her own wounded body on the ground as well. She watches as the ambulances arrive quickly rushing her body in an ambulance and follows. Mia is in very critical condition putting her in coma. Now, Mia is forced to accept the death of her family and realizes she might not want to stay at all. This story brings attention to the difficult question that Mia has to answer that will make out what her life will become. In the end,she still is struggling with making her decision whether to take the easy way out and leaving with her family or to fight and live with the loss of her family. Will she have the power and courage to stay?

 I picked this book up because it caught my eye after hearing and many good reviews about it. I also knew there was a movie and was excited to read before watching to compare and cif yah stayontrast. I kept reading even though it was upsetting to me, I was determined to find out what she decided. It helped me in a way I could relate, my situation is not as tough and difficult as hers but it still guided me on my own life decisions making me realize every decision has an impact and effect. I would give this book to be honest to anyone really. It’s a great fictional read that could very much be a real life thing. It has the message of how in the matter of seconds everything can change and any decision you make no matter how easy or hard there’s always needs to be consideration of yourself and others.

Written by: Anam .R

Don’t Stop Now by Julie Halpern


95783312 people, Josh, and Lillian, just graduated high school. They plan to do nothing the summer. But, a shy girl at their school, Penny, who becomes friends with Lillian, is kidnapped/ or did she kidnapped herself? So, Lillian and Josh decide to go on one last trip before college and go on a road trip all around USA to find her, using only a car without A/C and Josh’s rich dad’s money. This book is kind-of funny book with a dark insight on Penny’s thoughts. It is mostly “intense” because you never know what is going to happen, or where they will go next, and where they can find Penny. I agree with the author’s opinion about making Lillian and Josh go find Penny because even though they aren’t good friends, Lillian is Penny’s “acquaintance” because of the way Penny follows Lillian everywhere. One question this book can raise up is that will Josh and Lillian ever meet again after the trip and Lillian goes to college. I really liked the book because it was really descriptive and explained each part of their road trip, where they stayed, ate, went to see, hike, visit, etc. Also, at the end of each chapter, it gives a page about Penny’s (The girl who is kidnapped) thoughts and feelings. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes humor, some romance, and one big mystery that gets solved at the end. In all, this was a really good book.

I really liked the cover and I picked it up because the book is about a road trip, adventure, and most importantly, kidnapping. I kept reading because it went on about the road trip described all the places Lillian and Josh went, and where they stayed/ ate. It was nice to learn about new places across USA. Also, I kept reading because I wanted to know where Penny was and why she is/gets kidnapped. I would give this to anyone who likes comedy, a bit of romance, and mystery.


Reviewed by: Pranay R.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


The Perks Of Being A Wallflower talks about the various stages of teenage life. Through Charle, the author depicts the lifestyle of most teenagers today. From love and romance to drugs and sex, this book has it all. It is extremely engaging and provides us with a lot of advice, as teenagers to deal with difficult situations. Slow at first, this novel captured my heart. It is very informational and at the same time , it stays interesting. The book also has some emotional aspects to it that enthralls and entertains the reader. Overall, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower describes the everyday schedule of tenagers. It takes the reader on an entertaining ride. The novel deals with sensitive situations and helps readers understand them. This novel looked interesting to me and hence I picked it. Though it started slightly slow, it is very entertaining. I would advise students from all backgrounds to read it . But Mostly, I would encourage middle and high school students to read this as it makes the unhappy teenage years easier.

Also Known As by Robin Benway

Book trailer

Margaret is a normal name for a normal girl right? Wrong. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The only reason her parents named her Margaret was because it has so many different nicknames: Peggy, Maisie, Molly, Margie, Meg. The list is endless. She has traveled the world with her parents, cracking safes for the world’s premier spy organization. But when Maggie is sent to New York City for her first solo assignment, her life is transformed. Suddenly she’s attending a private school and befriending Jesse, the cute son of a potential national security threat… while trying not to blow her cover.  It had me laughing every five minutes. This is book is unbelievably funny. While reading this book I got a lot of looks from people, all thinking that I had officially gone crazy. But I mean who wouldn’t think that if they saw a girl laughing at a book by herself, right? So make sure that when you do read it, you are either very good at holding in your laughter or you’re alone, because I assure you, that there is absolutely no way you can read this book without laughing at least once. This book is a hilarious portrayal of a teenage spy’s day to day life. It had a great mix of realistic conflicts and humorous disasters. This book is the perfect combination of dramatic diva a girl that is too mature for her age. It showed interesting and relatable situations at home and at school. Overall, this book was something that almost everyone can relate to, from teenage girls to parents. I had recently finished reading a book and was looking for a book to read next. I searched up “girl” on the school catalog computer and 658 books popped up. Working in the library gives you some down time to waste. So as I was scrolling through them all, I came across a book titled “AKA” (Also Known As).  The cover was a forest green and the letters A, K, A were written in pink with a magnifying glass on the back. Of course, I went to the shelf and picked it up. Once I read the summary, I decided I would give it a go. As soon as I got the the second line on the first page, I knew that there was no way I was putting this book down until I finished it. When the first sentence is, “ I cracked my first safe when I was three.” who in their right mind would put that book down? The book is filled with humorous sarcastic comments and hilarious dramatics.  I would give it to pretty much anyone who can read. This book is relatable to everyone, including your grandparents and parents. This book is for anyone who likes mystery, spies, romance, action and non-fiction. It has mix of all of the above and much more. This book is really amusing and entertaining that everyone would enjoy.


Reviewed By Prathista Annapareddi


Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

The book follows the story of two best friends who have been together since the age of three. The took dance classes together and were inseparable. They were always together, they shared each others secrets, and spent every minute they could together. And when one of them encounters a difficulty the other is always there by her side sharing every moment with her, and support her, like her sister.  Throughout the entire book I was having so many ups and downs. It was like an emotional rollercoaster. Overall the book was very well written and a beautiful story about two best friends who found a way to overcome obstacles in their relationship together. I picked this book because it was about best friends, and Ihaveabestfriend who I am extremely close with, and I was intrigued by the back, how it said something devastating happened between them and how it would changed them forever. So I wanted to read I wanted to know what happened and how they had gotten through it. I kept reading it because once I picked it up, I was obsessed. It did not take long for the book to get to the conflict which I definitely enjoyed. I would give it to my best friend because I thought about her the entire time I read the book. It remind me of some of the problems  I have had with her, and how after everything we have always managed to get through it together.


Reviewed by Analilia Estrada





The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The book “The Fault in our Stars”, is about a girl named Hazel  who is 16 years old, who has thyroid cancer spread through her lungs. She is trying to live a normal life but sometimes wonders what her parents would do once she is dead. Hazel is a part of a cancer survivor support  program where she met Augustus, who she likes.Augustushadcancer,and as a result, he lost a leg and now wears a prosthetic. He also smokes. Overtime Hazel and Augustus become good friends and have a relationship. They share their interests with each other, including the books they like. Hazel’s favorite book is An Imperial Affliction. They enjoy reading the book. They went to Amsterdam to meet the author (Peter Van Houten) to get more info on the book. They get what they want then go home. Later the plot starts to have a twist. Surprising things start to happen. Bad things start happening in the novel. Hazel’s parents start to worry about Hazel and Augustus. But what are these bad events to happen? Will Hazel and Augustusbefine at the end? To find out, read the book. I was very surprised by the ending of the novel. There is a big twist. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. The plot was very creative and well written.  I liked the idea of cancer in the plot.  I picked up the book because I was interested in humans having a problem. I thought cancer would be the best topic for me. I kept reading it because it’s a really good book. It grabbed my attention by having cancer in the story. The plot is well written. It’s style fits perfectly with the plot.

I would give it to my friend Jonathan S. San Miguel because he is very interested in this novel. He has seen the movie. I know he will enjoy the book. For the rest of the book they return home and stay there. Later Augustus’s cancer returns and he get’s sick. There is probably not much time left for him. Hazell wants to be with Augustus even though his cancer his strong. Eventually, his cancer kills him. Hazel shows lots of grief. She attends his funeral. Hazel was surprised to see Peter Van Housten. He told her that he wrote the book because his daughter died of cancer. She understands why he wrote An Imperial Affliction.  She found out that before he died, Augustus was writing an alternate ending for the book she was reading.  At the end she learns her mother is trying to be a leader at the cancer survivor support program so she has a life after Hazel dies.

Reviewed by Saurabhjit Singh




A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

200px-ThousandacrescoverSummary: In this novel a story of an agricultural countryside family is portrayed by Jane Smiley as he describes what happens when an old farmer, Larry decides to grant his land to his two eldest daughters Ginny and Rose. Initially, the story begins with a pig roast on a huge farm in Iowa, during which the head of the farm, Larry Cook retires and decides to donate the land to Ginny and Rose, the oldest two of his three daughters. The youngest daughter though,  Caroline, refuses to accept the generous gift being a lawyer, thus infuriating Larry, and causing him to deny her right to receiving part of the farm.

Coincidentally the two other girls willingly accept the gift because they have settled in on the farm for many years with their husbands and have ran the farm since they were young children. However, soon the girls realize that all Larry is trying to do is compete with the glory of his neighbor farmer, Jess, who competes with him over a better farm. Ego and pride drives Larry insane as his life falls apart, he begins buying random furniture, making adjustments and enhancements to the farm, buying new materials and going against his daughters Ginny and Rose, who turn against him eventually. What will happen in such a tangled dilemma and camaraderie, read this book to find out how an ordinary farmer turns into a classic fairy tale of ego and tyranny.

Why I picked it up: 

I picked this book up because of the multiple great testimonies and comments written about the book. The book also seemed allegoric and meaningful so I thought I would give it a try and see how the book would turn out.

Why I kept reading it: 

I kept reading this book because I wanted to know what the three girls would end up doing to their insane father, and how the battle of ego would turn out by the end of the book.  The novel kept on bringing up new and exciting tricks and pranks that the family played together.

Who would I give it to next: 

I would give this book to anyone who enjoys family and analytic stories of the true nature of human beings. I would give this book to anyone who enjoys exciting stories that keep people thrilled and eager to find out what happens next.

Reviewed by Ahmed E.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Summary: A while after Clay’s classmate, Hannah committed suicide, a box of cassette tapes were sent to his house. On those tapes, Hannah speaks of the reasons why she killed herself. Each side of the tape is a story about a person who caused her to do this to herself.

Why I picked it up: The name caught my attention. I first thought “Thirteen reasons of what?” and then when I read the summary I became curious what the reasons were so I wanted to read it.

Why I kept reading it:  I wanted to know all the reasons. I also wanted to know when the other main character, Clay would come up. He seems like he really liked her so I was curious why he would be a reason for Hannah killing herself. Also with each tape, it is clear that she is losing hope more and more and towards the end she just does not care about herself anymore because every time she thinks someone cares about her, she gets betrayed in some sort of way.

Who would I give it to next: Any teenager. I would not say every teenager can relate to the problems Hanna Baker had before she committed suicide, but I am sure there are many teenager who go through or went through similar experiences.

Reviewed by Amy H.