The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

thenotebook-680x1020The Notebook, a romantic novel by Nickolas Sparks, is a tragic story of two hearts meeting at a festival in New Bern. Noah and Allie’s love ended soon when she was forced to go back after summer. They both never forgot the summer they spent together. Noah worked on the house he had his eye on and Allie had met a guy. A week before her wedding, she felt like she had left something behind in New Bern. She showed up unexpectedly to Noah’s house and they shared an amazing night. Allie’s fiancé Lon was curious about why she went to New Bern and he was scared of losing her. She loved Lon, but Noah was the one that she could be herself around. She knew her parents would definitely not approve her life with Noah. There comes a time where people have to decide between the happier life and the better life.

This novel is a romantic story about two hearts reuniting and the decision she makes will change her life forever.

I recommend this book to girls that like romantic stories, because this story can relate to them. It is very realistic and detailed. As I read it, I could imagine every part like a movie. I like how it teaches us that no matter what the right way is, we should still decide what makes us happier. It is an amazing story and I think everyone should read it, even if you have seen the movie.

Reviewed by Rosa Y.