Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

The brutal murder ofhisgrandfathersends15 year old Jacob to a remote Welsh island where he discovers that his grandfather’s stories of peculiar spirits with peculiar abilities are all true. He befriends these peculiar spirits and learns that hollow gasts are the monsters set out to kill peculiar children for their abilities, as well as the ones responsible for the death of his grandfather. To protect the peculiars and revenge his grandfather, Jacob goes through time loops and suspenseful chases with the children and together, they unravel hidden truths of identities and pasts. This book had me hooked and surprised at every turn. The writing and photographs adds a more realistic feel and makes you feel like you have also fallen through time into the world of the peculiars. All the characters are very distinguishable and special in a way where every single one is important to the storyline. The cover of the levitating young girl looked a bit unusual and haunting so that naturally appealed to me. From the start, the book’s oddity captured my attention. The vintage photographs were unique and set this book apart from the books I normally see on the shelves. You discover that the pictures have actually been lent from personal archives from people’s collections and nothing has been photoshopped. This only adds the creepy tension and the sense that it is all real. This book is definitely something that people who are interested in darker, more paranormal stories will like. It is also for anyone who is simply looking for something different to read.

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