Frank Bruni’s: Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be

Many of you know of Frank Bruni, columnist for The New York Times.  His recent book, Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be.  An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania, reminds us that “where we go to college will have infinitely less bearing on our fulfillment in life than so much else:  the wisdom with which we choose our romantic partners; our interactions with the communities that we inhabit; our generosity toward the families we inherit and the families that we make.”   It’s well-researched, empathetic, and full of the sort of wisdom that will help us as we guide our students. He hopes to “help restore the excitement of going off to college, which should be a time for taking intellectual and social chances, for finding or confirming a passion, and for discovering yourself” and remind young people that “what they get out of college has almost everything to do with the attitude they bring to it and almost nothing to do with where it stands in the pecking order of prestige.”

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