Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

virgin_suicidesThe Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides tells the story of the Libson sister who are all teenagers Cecilia the youngest, Lux, Bonnie, Mary and Therese the eldest with Mrs. Libson and Mr. Libson as their parents, Mrs. Libson who is strict and catholic and Mr. Libson a not so strict dad and a math teacher at his daughters high school. Seen through the eyes of the teenage neighborhood boys who are deeply in love with them, the ones who would get through with the approval of the sisters parents coming back from the Libson house taking souvenirs from the libson’s sister’s room and bathroom picturing that everything they touched they were now touching looking at the same travel magazines that they were. The day after prom Lux misses curfew and Mrs. Libson locks the sisters from the outside world making excuses as to why they are missing school they started becoming depressed all they have are travel brochures, rock records that later get burned my their mother and decorating their cluttered room.

Provide your reactions to the book: Jeffrey Eugenides book The Virgin Suicides has a mixture of themes two of these themes are dreamy and dark. It really captures teenagers feeling even though it is through the perspective of the neighborhood boys he still captures both gender’s feeling and point of views.

Conclude by summarizing your idea: I love this book because it is unique and it is not the mainstream coming of age novel it is very different book to read. I would recommend this book to someone who likes coming of age novels.

Why I picked it up: I watched the movie The Virgin Suicides directed by Sophia Coppola and loved it later I found out that it was based on a book so I decided to read it and it was great as well.

Why I kept reading it: I wanted to know how the film contrasted from the book and people always say “the book is better than the movie” and their right the book had little details that the movie dose not show and I just wanted to keep reading page after page.

Who Would I give it to next: I would give this book next to someone who likes to read books that are coming of age that have romance/darkness and a hint of comedy to them.


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