Chicken soup for the teenage soul 2

The book is a non fiction one wherein various teens and people inspire us with their inspiring stories about the different phases a teenager goes through and how other people dealt with it. If not that, it’s just a book with great stories , some inspiring, some humorous, some sad and some just happy. There are a collection of about 60 short stories. Each chapter indicates a phase a teen goes through. For example, there is a 9781558746169_p0_v1_s260x420phase about relationships in every teen’s life and a chapter in this book helps us deal with such situations through entertaining stories which each have a hidden message in them. A lot of people think that it’s outdated to read such “old-fashioned” books but after reading this one , they think don’t think likewise. I think that each story has a different theme and message for us to go home with and I would encourage every teen to give it a glance. Personally, I loved this book and this whole series. This gave me a very insightful thought about what was happening around the world and I felt aware by knowing these people’s situations. Also, I wanted to read the teen version of it and I was so inspired. I also took away a lesson from each story and I think that those messages made me a better person and taught me to handle such situations in life. I picked it up as I remembered reading the first teen soul version a few years back and recently, i came across it and i picked up I kept reading it as I found the stories extremely interesting.


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