The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

5ithThough named after a beautiful queen, Cassiopeia prefers to go by Cassie. She grew up like any normal kid. But in those few years, the Earth is attacked by aliens. Not green aliens or huge eyed aliens, but aliens that look just like any other human, and they didn’t just attack once and wage a war. The Others, attack in waves. After the first wave there were no lights. After the second wave, only the lucky survived. After the third, only the unlucky survived. When the fourth wave hit, the only rule that applies is; trust no one. The fifth wave is coming,and Cassie must rescue the little brother that was taken from her.

This book was a quintessential mix of mystery, drama, romance, humor and action. It makes sure that you know the feeling of the characters and their views on the situation. It is very interesting because it shows how even if you might be the only human alive in the universe, there is still hope. The author made sure to show that both men and women have equal power, which I thought was really cool. This is one of the few books that shows the equality between men and women. The intense circumstances may raise confusion, for example in one part of the book, Cassie is living with another person. Rick Yancey potrays her feelings as conflicted between safety and mistrust. While I was reading that part, I was very confused about whether that character was a good person or not. But as I moved through the next chapters, it became very clear.

I loved this book because of the humor, especially in the first few pages. It starts of hilarious and only gets better. I found it cool how the author mixed the humor and the action in a way that kept you on the edge, yet laughing at the same time.

I picked this book up because my friend, a great book lender, told me that this was my kind of book. She just handed it over and I thought, why not?

I kept reading this book because of its grip on the reader. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. The mystery about what was to come and the humor was just capturing.

I would give this book to anyone who loves romance, mystery, war/action, aliens, sci-fi, humor or all. This is a great book which I think anyone with even the slightest interest in reading, would love.

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