Age of Exploration by John R. Hale


The Age of Exploration by John R. Hale is about The British explorers and their inventions as they sailed to Asia and America. It talks about the different explorers discovering America especially Christopher Columbus travelling west to go to India. But he discovered America. It also mentions Vasco De Gama who travelled East to find India and he succeeded. Over time, British explores invented new compasses and ships to travel the sea. Some explores believed after traveling they might not return home one day. But they kept traveling to find new lands, though the journey was hard.

stuffThis informs the reader about what exploration was like in the beginning. How inventions improved as time passed. It shows the history of explorers and their difficulties. The seas were hard to travel back then. It would be interesting to those who enjoy history and exploration. Including history teachers and students who enjoy history. I agree with the author’s(John R. Hale) opinion of how the difficulties were back then. The book will raise the attention to people who truly love history and learning about the old ways of traveling.

I enjoyed this book and I learned the history of exploration in the British explorers view. It discussed about many different European explorer’s goals and dreams of their desired achievements. The images show the dangers and risks of ocean travel. Some explorers found the seas their greatest challenge with only a few islands to stop by.

I picked it up because I was recently studying the exploration unit in my history class. I wanted to learn more with all the sources I could get. So I chose it to learn the original ways of travelling.

I enjoy learning the old ways of exploration. And I wanted to learn more.

I would give it next to Mrs. Soto because she loves history and is a history teacher in Cupertino High School.

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