And There Were None by Agatha Christie

And_Then_There_Were_None_US_First_Edition_Cover_1940  And There Were None by Agatha Christie presents an unthinkable mystery that keeps the reader in suspense throughout the novel. Ten people are invited to an island where their mysterious host, “Mr. Owen,” has trapped them and is slowly murdering them one by one. The scary part? He is using a nursery rhyme to foreshadow the future outcomes of each character. Why is he doing this? Each individual was specifically chosen to come to island due to a secret crime they had committed in their past. Why can’t they just kill him? The problem is that nobody knows his identity, which made the mystery much more riveting. Agatha Christie, once again, comes up with a masterful ending to a captivating story. This was one of my favorite mystery novels, as the story is always coming up with a new twist and always leaving the reader guessing about the identity of “Mr. Owen”. People who enjoy thrilling mystery novels would love this book the most due to the author’s ability to create a mystery that leaves the reader hooked to the very end.

Jasmine Tripathi and Nathan Abegaz


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