Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Summary: A while after Clay’s classmate, Hannah committed suicide, a box of cassette tapes were sent to his house. On those tapes, Hannah speaks of the reasons why she killed herself. Each side of the tape is a story about a person who caused her to do this to herself.

Why I picked it up: The name caught my attention. I first thought “Thirteen reasons of what?” and then when I read the summary I became curious what the reasons were so I wanted to read it.

Why I kept reading it:  I wanted to know all the reasons. I also wanted to know when the other main character, Clay would come up. He seems like he really liked her so I was curious why he would be a reason for Hannah killing herself. Also with each tape, it is clear that she is losing hope more and more and towards the end she just does not care about herself anymore because every time she thinks someone cares about her, she gets betrayed in some sort of way.

Who would I give it to next: Any teenager. I would not say every teenager can relate to the problems Hanna Baker had before she committed suicide, but I am sure there are many teenager who go through or went through similar experiences.

Reviewed by Amy H.