The Diary of Pelly D by L.J. Adlington

Summary: A construction worker, Toni V finds a water can while he was digging. Inside there was a diary that belongs to a girl named Pelly D. The construction workers are not allowed to keep what they find but he becomes curious and starts reading it. At the beginning, Pelly seems like a really shallow girl. She only cares about her image and popularity. One day, the place where she lived made gene testing/genetic testing mandatory and  the types of people were broken up into Atsumisi, Galrezi, and Mazzini. Atsumisi is the highest ranking and Galrezi is the lowest. Pelly discovers that she is a Galzeri along with everyone in her family except for her dad. Everything in her world changes. People at school who are in a higher rank start looking down on her and she loses all the great things she had. This was first an ordinary diary but soon becomes a war diary.

Why I picked it up: The dark cover and the font of the title caught my attention. Also the summary on the back did not give away much information so I became curious what it was about.

Why I kept reading it: The beginning was a little confusing for me but towards the end everything became more clear. Also I wanted to know the ending of the book.

Who would I give it to next: People who like war diaries and sci-fi. This book is pretty unrealistic with things being in the future, but it made me think that this could happen to anyone. Somethings like gene testing can change someone’s life completely and it was interesting to see how it happened.

Reviewed by Amy H.