The Colony by: A.J. Colucci

The colony cover imageSummary: The Colony was a book that I read outside, outside of my usual interests. The theme was pretty obvious, it was about a form of “super-ant” colony uprising and putting the world into a ant-plagued-apocalyptic state. Not usually my style, but if you enjoy bugs, ants, or a tale of Apocalypse like survival and prevail, then The Colony makes an excellent and suspenseful read. If you’re disturbed by images of ant waves engulfing and devouring people, I think this would make an EVEN better read.

Why I picked it up: It was a new book at the library, and it was recommended to me, but the reason I decided to accept it was because I am normally used to reading about zombie apocalypses or other sci-fi style waste lands, but never ants!

Why I kept reading: Well, the way the ants were described, was pretty eloquent, and the fact that the dialogue in the book is very rough and slang at times and “urban” (which I guess makes sense seeing as how the book takes place in new-york area). It was almost poetic how the attacks of the ants were described and how “their black armor glistened in the moonlight”. Plus the fact that, there were attack scenes to keep my interest.

Who would I give it to next: Anyone who is afraid of bugs. Specifically ants. To truly enjoy this book, it must inspire that fear, that fear of imagining many tiny insects nipping and stinging every square inch of your body. Well, most people don’t like that but if you truly despise bugs, this book would be the perfect horror!

Reviewed by: Nima A.