It’s kind of a funny story by: Ned Vizzini

it's kind of a funny story cover imageSummary: The book is about a boy named Craig who after being subject to sheer amounts of social and academic stress, reaches anxiety and depression levels pushing him to a a near suicide scenario. Instead, he checks himself into a mental ward, leading to discoveries about himself and the patients of the ward that help better his perspective on life and how to relax. Eventually, succeeding in getting over his depression and re-integrating back into his normal life.

Why I picked it out: The comments and summary on the back were very appealing to me, as well as the cover art.

Why did I keep reading: The style of writing is very dialogue and thought based on a first person perspective. You really got into the head of Craig, and the way he judged and analyzed everything. Very intriguing. Also,  the amount of comedy in the book turned it into a “non-depressing” book about a depressed guy.

Who would I give it to next: A good friend, or anyone that’s curious about depression without wanting to read about tragic cases.

Reviewed by: Nima A.