Matched by Ally Condie

Summary:  Cassia, the main character in the “Matched” lives in the world where everything is chosen by the officials. They choose who you love, where you work, and when you will die. In Cassia’s matching boutique, she was matched with her childhood friend Xander who was handsome and smart. But when she looks on the matching screen, the boy name Ky’s face flashes in for just for a moment then flashes back to Xander’s face. Later on, Cassia learns the past about Ky and falls love with him. Cassia now faces into impossible choice between Xander and Ky.

Why I picked it up:  I picked up this book because I especially liked the part on the review where it said Cassia faced with impossible choice between Ky and Xander.

Why I kept reading it:  I kept reading this book because I wanted to know what would happen to the Cassia when the official finds out she has broken the rules of the society.

Who would I give it to next:  I would give this book to my sister because she loves to read fantasy book.

Reviewed by Aiko K.


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