Eon by Allison Goodman

Summary: Eon is a very familiar story to me. It came across at first as a more dark and depressing twist on Mulan. A girl pretending to be a boy for societal acceptance, and a chance to become the elusive “mirror dragon eye” a spiritual and high ranked general of divinity. This becoming and mastering these dragoneye powers is really the main plot of the story, but the pure drama surrounding the gender masking and other complications throughout the story really give it that darker edge. For people who want a book that isn’t just the magical hero who wins at everything, this is most certainly a good read.

Why I picked it up: While I was shelving books away in the library, I noticed how Eon had a very bright red cover. It had great artwork so I decided to read the summary. I instantly was drawn to the book as it had my favorite elements in it. Fantasy, Dragons, Action, Drama. It was a lucky pick.

Why I kept reading it:  It’s not a book you can really stop reading. I actually read through it rather quickly, in a few days to be honest. I even procrastinated some work to get to its cliff-hanger of an ending. The chapters have a way of griping you, and the characters are pretty likable, or in some cases you even pity them.

Who would I give it to next:  My friends, my sister, anyone who is into this kind of stuff. If you like
fantasy novels, I think it makes a good book. I wouldn’t call it a must read or a staple for all fantasy readers, but if you have the time why not just give it a shot?

Reviewed by: Nima A.

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