The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Summary: The book sets itself sometime in the near future in a post-apocalyptic, perspective of the world, where a son and his father are one of the last surviving “good guys.” In this book, both of the protagonists remain nameless, the book begins with the boy and his father both waking up while suffering from a nuclear winter, which is dominated by rain, snow and almost freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, the pair decide to head south for the almost endless winter. While on a constant alert for shelter and food, along with the fear of other belligerent survivors or cannibals.

Why I picked it up: I selected this book, because I seen the movie The
and I took an interest in the movie and liked the general feel to the
movie, because it had strong themes of the father-son relationship, survival of the fittest and how humanity had broken down because of the apocalyptic event which took place. Additionally, this book was also highly recommended by Mrs. Accorinti for me to read, which is one of the other reasons on why I selected this book.

Why I kept reading it: I kept reading this book, because I have always been
interested in the genre of a post-apocolyptic era. I proceeded to read this
book because the book was quite ambitious, and used constant foreshadowing and used cliffhangers at the end of each of the chapters. Furthermore, this book somewhat kept me wanting to read, because it I wanted to know what was going to happen to the pair, at the end of the novel.

Who would I give it to next: I would recommend this book, to readers who like he mystery genre, because of the foreshadowing throughout the book, along with other individuals who like the sci-fi genre, due
to this book taking place in a fictional world of a post-apocolyptic environment and how humans
attempt to survive in the annihilated wasteland

by Jonathan Brizuela


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