Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

Summary: In the beginning of the book, a news article is published in the Gazzette. The article states how at 6:30 PM, there will be a murder that will take place. Since people believed that it was a party game, everyone around decides to go. They gather around. At exactly 6:30, the lights go off and a couple gun shots are fired. Miss Blacklock is injured after the gun fires; she was shot in the ear. Also, the person that fired the gun shots is dead. Craddock, a detective is soon put on this case and investigate what happened. Craddock interviews everyone at the party and any neighbors who were around during the firing. Craddock then interviews Miss Marple, a guest at the spa. In the very same spa, the shooter worked there. As Craddock goes deeper into the case, he finds that although Letitia Blacklock, the women shot, is nor rich, she is about to gain a good deal of money. Letitia Blacklock happened to have a sister, Charlotte, who apparently died. At the end, the case came open and Craddock found out that Charlotte was not the one who died. Instead, it was Letitia. Charlotte just pretended to be Letitia to get the inherited money.

Why I picked it up: I picked up this book because I read another book written by the author, and found it interesting and fun. The other book was Murder on the Orient Express. I could not stop reading it, and I thought I’d feel the same way for this one.
Why I kept reading it: I kept reading it because it was somewhat filled with some suspense and a couple
Who would I give it to next: I’d give this book to anyone who is a murder mystery fan, especially those of Agatha Christie.

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