The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

41fJEgXTqIL._SL500_[1]Summary: Hadley is tired of being smothered and cloistered when by chance she meets Ernest Hemingway. As they get to know each other, Hadley falls in love with Ernest and ends up marrying him. She is warned by her friend that Ernest ‘likes women'(37) but decides that she will give Ernest another chance. She puts his writing career ahead of her goals and ambitions, and leads a life that revolves around her husband. Through Ernest’s scrapes, affairs, and lack of constant income, Hadley is Ernest’s rock,-forgiving him each time. She is fed through her all consuming love of her husband and will do anything for him. When Hadley encounters a deadly deception, she is forced to evaluate just how much she loves her husband and how much she is willing to sacrifice for his sake. Why I picked it up: I wanted to know how Ernest Hemingway’s wife felt during their marriage and how strong a women she was (very!!!). I also liked the author’s writing style and truthful honest and emotional way McLain wrote the book.

Why I kept reading it: for bits of’ uncommon’ common sense and the truthful and powerful way that Hadley views the world “Ernest once told me that the word paradise was was a Persian word that meant “walled garden”. I knew then that he understood how necessary the promises we made to each other were to our hapiness. You couldn’t have real freedom unless you knew where the walls were and tended them. We could lean on the wall because they existed; they existed because we leaned on them.”(296) -Hadley

Who would I give it to next: anyone who likes honest emotional books that reveal human nature or who wants to know the definition of unconditional love.

Reviewed by Juanita D.


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