City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

City of Glass by Cassandra ClareSummary: City of Glass is the third book of the trilogy, The Mortal Instruments. In the beginning, Clary and the other shadowhunters are about to travel to Idris. Clary’s going only to find, Ragnor Fell, a warlock that can help her save her mother who’s struck in a coma at their home in Brooklyn. Jace and the others are going to meet with the rest of the shadowhunter community. They have to create a plan to stop Valentine from destroying all downworlders and taking over the Clave. Valentine wants to make what he thinks is a better world where only people who share the blood of the Angel can live. He’s very powerful and the Clave know they can’t face him alone, so they decide to team up with the downworlders Valentine’s trying so hard to eliminate and fight side by side in order to protect their home.



Why I picked it up: I had already read the first two and was hooked, so I had to read City of Glass.



Why I kept reading it: It was interesting.



Who would I give it to next: Anyone who likes urban fantasy.


 Review by: Dina A. 


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