Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

200px-Brisingr_book_coverSummary: Brisingr is the third book of the trilogy: Eragon. When a 15 year old farm boy finds a dragon egg in the forest near his home village, he keeps it to see how much its worth. At first he thought it was a blue rock polished by the natural surroundings of the landscape. The story tells of Eragon’s journey across the world to find the Varden, which is a secret organization that is hidden from evil King Galbatorix’s view. Eragon becomes a legendary hero to the people and has now embarked on a new journey with his dragon Saphira and his cousin Roran. They fly to the mountain of helgrind to save Roran’s wife from the Raz’aac. These creatures were sent by Galbatorix to lure Eragon into a trap. They saved his wife and won a great battle against the king’s army. Eragon also learns much about his ancestry and he is finally told that Brom, his dragon riding teacher, was his dad. The book concludes with Eragon waiting for the battle to begin between him and the mighty Galbatorix.

Why I picked it up: I heard a lot of good things about the book from friends so I wanted to read it

Why I kept reading it: It was really good

Who would I give it to next: Anyone that really likes adventure books.

Reviewed by: Dhruv P.


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