Muckrakers by Ann Bausum

51gbcEMpCtL._SY346_Summary:Muckrakers is a true story of a reporter or muckraker, Ida Tarbell, who reveals the truth and publishes the truthful report about rich industrialists like John D. Rockefeller from the late 1800s to the 1920s. Because workers suffered greatly in the work place, the muckrakers wanted to reveal the truth that was to expose what the industrialists really did with their money. As opposed to, reporting the fact that was briefly telling the public what they already knew about the industrialists. In order to expose the news, the muckrakers exposed the vital evidence through sources of press, newspaper, and books. These muckrakers attacked each industrialist, such as Andrew Carnegie or J.P. Morgan because they wanted the common person to receive their rights.

Why I picked it up: I picked up this book because I love history. Since I learned about the muckrakers in my history class, I have always wanted to learn more about them.

Why I kept reading it: I kept reading this book because it reveals how hard these reporters worked to find the real truth. Also, the book describes the situation of these workers at the factories and how little they were paid. In order to reveal this, the corrupted industrialists had to be exposed. This book reveals the important facts that each citizen did not know.

Who would I recommend it to next:  I would recommend this book to anyone that finds interest in history. Also, I would recommend this book to a high school student or anyone interested in learning about the muckrakers.

Reviewed by Akshay Jain


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