Lucky by Alice Sebold

200px-CoverofLuckybyAliceSeboldSummary: Alice describes how she was raped during her freshmen year in college. In the first couple of pages, Alice visually describes each moment of her rape. Afterwards, Alice talks about how everyone views her differently, especially boys she likes. Overtime, Alice tries to cope through this tragedy and how her family has to experience this too. Later she encounters her rapist and puts him on trial. Successfully, he is found guilty and receives the maximum punishment possible. Still, Alice goes through school and makes some new friends. Alice takes the reader through her day-by-day experience.

Why I picked it up: This is book has changed the lives of many people and the way we look at the world. I picked up this book because it makes me realize how people, who go through this tragedy, are very strong.

Why I kept reading it: I kept reading this book because the author does a great job teaching us how she went through a terrible experience, and she continued to go on with this.

Who would I give it to next: I would suggest books to people that are very serious in reading books that are sentimental.

Reviewed by Akshay J.


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