The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton

Great train robbery coverSummary: The novel is based off a true heist that occurred in England, in the year 1855. The plot follows the masterminds of the crime as they meticulously plan each aspect of a daring plan to steal a shipment of gold as it is being transported by train.

Why I picked it up: I originally picked this book for my Enrichment Reading Project, but now it doubles as my Book Review. I selected it from the long list of ER books because I am interested in criminal minds and reading about their exploits.

Why I kept reading it: The criminals themselves and their actions are the focus of the story, and they almost become the characters that I root for. Every problem they face is laid out, and I start to wonder how they will overcome the difficulties.

Who would I give it to next: Anyone with an interest in criminology or Victorian England should read this book, because it gives quite a lot of historical background to help understand the significance of certain events. Because of the relatively difficult, “old” English used in the book, I would suggest it for more advanced readers


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