Wake by Lisa McMann

250px-Wake_by_lisa_mcmannWake is an exciting book that takes place in a town called Fieldridge. It takes place in modern time and usually the story has a few flashbacks about a girl named Janie. Janie lives in Fieldridge the average teenage life with her mother, and works to get through Fieldridge High School. However, she discovers something very mysterious. For some reason, she has a mysterious power that gets her into a lot of trouble, especially with her peers. Janie has trouble had school with the rich kids, and befriends some of the other kids, she starts letting her power take control of her. She discovers secrets about a boy she met in the past, who confronts her years later. She accuses him of doing drugs and a doing bad things. Janie then starts thinking about this boy and why he isn’t as he appears Janie accuses the boy anyways. Her life becomes a mess, as she cannot control her powers. Janie wants it all to stop, especially his. She cannot bear to see what happens next Could he be a murderer? Could he be selling drugs? What’s next? Janie does not want to go to sleep with the power she obtains. I recommend this book to everyone at Cupertino High School. It is kind of slow in the beginning and in the middle, but it starts getting good later on. You get excited when you read it, and you cannot wait to see what happens next. Read Wake.

Reviewed by Saleem Choudry grade 12

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