Lush by Natasha Friend

Lush by Natasha Friend tells the story of a thirteen-year-old girl, Samantha, who has an alcoholic father.  Her father makes life harder for her and her family, but she didn’t know things could get worse.  Samantha knows that things have to stop, but she doesn’t know how to make things stop. So she chooses a random girl from the library and starts sending her notes for advice. But the note gets picked up by someone else who tells her to “give up” and that “no matter what you do, things will never change.”  Determined to prove her anonymous pen-pal wrong, she starts telling “her” everything that happens and how she tries to keep her family together. This book is unpredictable and really shows the voice of the character. From the prize-winning author of Perfect, Natasha Friend creates a realistic story of one girl’s journey to finding her strength.

Reviewed by Susan W.


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