Where Are The Children by Mary Higgins Clark

Document1The book Where are the Children is written by the very talented and famous author Mary Higgins Clark; as a very suspenseful novel. The author talks about a mother originally from California. Her two young children have gone missing and later turn up dead. She is accused of killing her children so she moves across the country, changes her appearance and try’s to start a new life. Her children and up missing again and so goes the book. It is based on a true story. It is a very dramatic and suspenseful thriller with many twists. I found this book a very hard read however for many reasons. It is very long and has confusing plot. Also there are almost too many characters to remember who is who. There are also some slow, boring and somewhat irrelevant chapters in the book; which is other wise very interesting and intense. As soon as you start reading this book it quickly grasps your interest, which I liked a lot. This book I would highly recommend to anyone who is into suspense novels but can also understand a very complex but well written book. I recommend the book to any one who likes to read intense books that are hard to put down.

Submitted by Jonathan B.


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