The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

JohnSteinbeck_TheGrapesOfWrathIf you’re looking for a vivid and empowering story then the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck should be on your reading list. It may be lacking the luster and creativity of a Harry Potter but the story develops some great characters throughout the story and uses historical events to bring you into the story.

The story introduces you to the main character Tom Joad. He has been released from a prison in the late 1930’s to discover that all the life around him has changed. His flourishing family farm has been deserted and “trackered” out just like many of the other families in town. The story takes place during the great depression. Joad’s family is one of the many that have been forced to leave their land and go due to bank closures. Many people have started to migrate to California the area with great promise. The masses of people try to find work but with so much demand people find it very difficult to find any. Tom is quickly sucked into the movement and realizing how the government is controlling lives of these innocent and often time hungry people. The climax of the story happens when Tom retaliates against the government sacrificing himself for the rights of the people.

It is a slow paced book but the historical background of the book and the character development is excellent. John Steinbeck has been regarded as one of the greatest authors of our time and it is shown in his work. If your looking for a realistic novel with history intertwined with it I highly recommend this book.

By Shian V.


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