The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: The Pox Party by M. T. Anderson

Octavian Nothing coverThe book Octavian Nothing by M.T. Anderson was an intriguing book about pre-American society in the 1700’s about a young slave boy and his mother who are treated like royalty from Europe. As Octavian’s life progresses he begins to wonder about the treatment of himself compared to the other African American slaves in the household with him. As the Americans enter the revolution against England and Octavian’s household lifestyle  is destroyed by monetary problems, he is placed as a house  slave and enters a new life of servitude. After Octavian witnesses his dead mother during an autopsy, he is angered by society and runs away. On the run Octavian meets several patriots in the revolution and is captured by his former owner. He is then rescued by one of his teachers and starts a new life. This book puts an interesting twist on the 1700’s society as well how the slaves were treated back them. Mr. Anderson places lots of fluctuation between real life and fantasy and makes lots of connections to our past and a falsified realism. Overall I would say this book was very well done although a bit complicated but is a great book to read in your spare time.

Submitted by Josh H.


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