The Alchemist by Paul Coelho


I honestly enjoyed reading this book. It is a book that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in understanding a deeper meaning about life.I believe that throughout the book there are concepts in it that we can actually apply to our own life as well. The story is about a boy named Santiago seeking out to find his Personal Legend which is described as a treasure. Santiago goes through a long and struggling journey to Egypt to find this treasure. On the way he meets the Alchemist who teaches him a lot about dealing with hard times along his journey. Along his journey he meets a girl who he falls in love with. Santiago believes that when he found her, he had reached his Personal Legend because she was it. He said that she was his Personal Legend because he believed that if he continued his journey he could die, and it can result in him not being able to see her again. He was afraid to let go of her. The Alchemist told Santiago that there are things in life that guide you to your Personal Legend. The Alchemist told Santiago that if he had a will he can achieve what he is looking for. I believe that this concept applies to everyday life. It applies to it because it is true that if you have hope that you can achieve something than you can achieve it. If you just live life without believing in yourself than it is hard to achieve things. Hope is the thing that is to hold on to that will let you achieve things in life because if you keep on believing that things will be good than things will workout for you. I have found this book a really enjoyable book to read because it taught me something that is important to know in life. I would recommend this book to anyone because it can actually give them good ideas on how to achieve things in their life.

Submitted by Allen Y.

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