Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See


Set with the intricate backdrop of 19th Century China, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan draws you into a world of nu shu and foot binding. A heart-wrenching tale of life-long, tragic friendship, the main characters, Lily and Snow Flower, are trapped in the world of conniving men and gossipy women.

In a society where all females are considered essentially worthless, these two “old sames”(two girls born on the same month, day, year, and family circumstances) had nothing to cling onto but themselves and each other. During their “daughter” years, from the tender age of seven till age seventeen, they aided one another in the creation of their marriage dowries and learning the skills of being a good wife. Upon her marriage, Lily stumbles upon a life-changing secret, a secret so well kept she never even suspected. A secret you need to read this book to find out about!

This book was a true to life portrayal of the vices of jumping to conclusions and not putting an adequate amount of faith. There is certainly much to learn from this revealing novel of love and betrayal.

I utterly enjoyed this touching book and the vivid descriptions and detailed analysis of each character evoked from me a deep sense of wonderment.

by Patty C.


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