Saint Iggy by K. L. Going


Iggy has a rotten life. And even though he was born to a meth addicted mother and a drug-using alcoholic father, he doesn’t use drugs. He lives in the projects and has failed a couple of grades at school and has been suspended many times. When he gets suspended from school, for the last time, he tries to figure out a way to change people’s minds about him. He turns to, Mo, a rich kid who has been suspended from law school for smoking pot for help. With only a few days before the hearing that will determine Iggy’s fate, he decides to make a plan to “do something that contributes to the world.”

Will Iggy get back into school? Will he find his missing mom? Will Mo kick drugs and get his life together? You will be hoping that Iggy finds his answers in this very enjoyable book.

Submitted by Mrs. Accorinti


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