How I Paid For College: A novel of sex, theft, friendship & musical theatre by Marc Acito


This hilarious book follows a 17-year-old sexually confused, dramatic, New Jersey boy as he tries to find a way to get into the prestigious acting school, Julliard. Edward’s summer turns into a story of this teenager’s exploits and follows him all summer long.

Edward’s dreams were crushed when his father refuses to pay for college. Unable to contact his mother who randomly decides to go on hippy vacations for long periods of time, he is in a tight spot. He cannot get a scholarship because his father earns too much nor is he capable of keeping a job. Plus he has an evil stepmother who has recently walked in on his life. When teens are in trouble, who do they turn to? Their peers of course! Edward goes to his misfit friends to help him get the tuition money. Also he must balance his high school life, keeping his father unsuspicious, and his confused sexual life.

Through spending time with his very eccentric friends, he not only finds a way to get into his dream university, but also gains more than mere materials. In his exploits Edward learns the value of friendship, hard work, and “how you’re not really a man until you can beat up your father”. This book is told in 1st person as Edward describes his life hilariously as he sees it. The story flows slowly and gracefully to the climax! If you have a sense of humor, then I suggest you read this book about a flamboyant, theatrical teen and his buddies spending their summer together.

Submitted by Nat R.


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