From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz

from_the_corner_of_his_eyeBartholomew Lampion, a six-year-old boy, who is born blind, has his eyes removed. Regardless of his physical disability he is a brilliant child. One day he begins to regains his eyesight. Around this time, coincidentally, a series of murders take place. The relentless killer’s victims are both female and are found bludgeoned in their homes. The mysterious murder case draws detective Cain to Bartholomew’s hometown. As Bartholomew grows older and begins to mature he is able to provide insight into the murder. This insight into the murders provides Cain and the town’s people with a new perspective as to why the murders were occurring. Detective Cain’s slowly begins to uncover the truth about the murders by using the connections that Bartholomew provides. These connections allow Cain to finally make sense of the murders. This book novel provides the readers with vivid descriptions of the gruesome crime scenes, allowing the reader to feel as if they were there. Which in turn intimate knowledge of the crime scenes allow this surreal book to come to life. This book is recommended to readers who enjoy John Grisham and Stephen King novels, as well as various other horror and mystery novels.


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