Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

booksSeventeen-year old Isabella Swan used to take annual visits to her father’s house in Forks, Washington ever since her parent’s divorce as a toddler. Bella’s visits to Forks were never pleasant, so when she decides to move there permanently, her mother is shocked and tries to convince her to stay in Arizona with her stepfather, Phil. Bella insists on moving, and soon boards a plan to Washington.

The day after Bella arrives at Forks, she goes to school and immediately attracts the attention of many boys. The only person that she is drawn to though is Edward Cullen; the most handsome and dazzling boy that she has ever seen.

Bella and Edward are brought together through many situations and she starts questioning his true form. Is he superman? Spiderman? Bella’s questions are soon answered when she meets Jacob Black, an old family friend. Jacob tells her a story about the Cullens and how they are vampires that only feed on animals.

Soon, Edward and Bella become extremely close and are willing to do anything for each other. When Bells is put into danger by James, a vampire that is thirsting for her blood, will Edward be willing to risk anything to save her?

Twilight is a book filled with mysterious vampires that are different from the ones that you would usually think of. Meyer portrays her vampires as the most beautiful creatures on earth that help the human race instead of feeding on it. Bella’s clumsiness and love for Edward gives the book a bounce to it that prevents it from becoming boring because of its length. Twilight is a story that will keep any reader from closing their book due to its intriguing blend of romance and horror.

Review By: Radhika K.


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