The Little Foxes by Lillian Helman

The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman is an excellent instance that showcases the effects of greed that had done to the human nature. The author of this playlittle_foxes_web, Hellman, did a good job on comparing and contrasting the characters by two main themes: evil versus innocent and greed. The three Foxes Regina, Ben, and Oscarin the wealthy Hubbard family were the main characters who tended to be those who would sacrifice anything for money; even though their family is wealthy enough to bring them good lives. Their evil nature even led them to desire more and more money. Throughout the whole play, Hellman uses Regina’s daughter, Alexandra, to balance the relationship and the realization of the two main themes within the family. Alexandra was the only innocent character among them who got involved into the three foxes’ conspiracy. Although she was innocent and was used by “the three foxes” as a tool for the sake of money, she soon realized the real fact happening around her. I like this play since the ending of this play is interesting. Even though it was full of darkness and negative themes at the beginning till the end, Alexandra played an important role to bring back a happy ending by her tiny shine among the gloomy environment throughout the whole play.

By Winnie Y.


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