The Emperor Jones by Eugene O’Neill

The_Emperor_Jones_(1933_film)The Emperor Jones is a play that is about an African-American man named Brutus Jones who makes poor decisions and is a dishonest man. Throughout the novel Jones seems to be a little crazy and hallucinates as the story progresses. Brutus Jones kills a man over a game of craps and is sent to prison and is eventually ends up on an island. Jones is on an island at the start of the story and has convinced the Natives that he has magical powers in order to become emperor of the island. Jones is forced to go into a forest on the island and has to struggle through many exciting events both physically and mentally. The author writes the play in the realistic language that an African-American would speak in, and it enhances the enjoyment of the novel and makes the characters come to life. Although the language the play is written in is realistic sometimes it makes the book difficult to understand do to the way the characters a speaking during the story. The play also shows conflict between people that are thought of as higher class such as the emperor and people who are thought of as the lower class like a poor old woman who is accused of stealing at the beginning of the play. This play has an interesting plot and has an exiting ending with many exciting events in between and is a play that I would recommend to anyone.

By Harrison Y.


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