The Barcode Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn


A warning on the abuse of technology, The BarcodeTattoo by Suzanne Weyn, paints a frightening landscape not too far in the future. It’s 2025 and if you want to get anywhere, you need to know about computers. Katie is an aspiring artist whose life seems to be spiraling downward. First her father mysteriously commits suicide, now her mother can’t stop drinking, and due to her low scores in computer technology, she probably won’t get into art school. Cash has been disbanded and bar code tattoos are the new thing. They contain all the information you’ll ever need. Your bank account, your drivers license, all right there on your arm. Butdoes it contain something more? Katie avoids getting one, until they become law. Something sinister lurks behind those lines, something that makes those who know the truth go crazy, kill themselves, burn
their tattoos. After a series of bizarre deaths that leave Katie an orphan and outlaw, she joins others who are beginning to rebel against the tattoo and the
corporation behind it all, Global-1.

The Bar Code Tattoo is a book about the fight for freedom and individuality. Although it is set in the future, it reminds you of those who struggled to preserve their rights, and their freedom. Weyr portrays a scarily realistic future with complex characters. The plot is a good versus evil formula that will seem a bit predictable. The Global-1 Corporation is pure evil. However, the many controversial topics touched upon: corruption of the
government, suicide, psychic abilities, and technology will keep you reading about one girl struggling to maintain her individuality in a corporate and faceless America.

by Ragneidur “Mekkin” B.


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