The Bad Seed by Maxwell Anderson

The play The Bad Seed by Maxwell Anderson is a very intriguing play that I have ever read. First off, we have an eight year old innocent looking blond girl named Rhonda who is friendly and nice, but has a extremely nasty side. What is it? Its that she kills whoever she wants just to get what she wants. Apparently, her first unexpected victim was Claude Daigle who apparently won the penmanship medal in a competition between him and Rhonda. I think it was surprising that she actually kill for revenge.
Then there was Rhonda’s mother, Christine. She was worried about the unexpected death of Claude and eventually recovered her lost memory of her childhood before she was adopted. She realized that she was the daughter of a well-known serial killer. Also, this new twist made it even scarier when she discovered her grandmother was one too and was executed after killing twenty people without a second thought.
This play is very interesting because there is still more to it, but scary indeed. I’m amazed that a little girl would even think of killing someone just to have something her way. I think this book is really popular because there is another movie made on it that is coming out soon as well.

by Roland P.

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