Picture Perfect by Jodie Picoult

Picture_PerfectJodi Picoult’s novel Picture Perfect follows the struggle of the main character Cassie to remember her past. Struck by Amnesia, Cassie slowly is able to formulate memories. When she does however, she is shocked by what she finds. Cassie realizes that she is married to a famous actor, and has been abused by him through the course of their marriage. In a life filled with privilege and extravagance, Cassie soon finds out the true meaning of sacrifice. Ultimately, she must choose between love, and her own safety. I thoroughly enjoyed this story; it never failed to capture my attention. Picoult’s novel really draws the reader in and a connection to the characters is felt. I recommend this book to those who have struggled with tough decisions. Whether you are shy and reserved, or reckless and spontaneous, you will enjoy this novel.

by Jessica R.

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